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ZoomGroups is a service created and managed by AR Networks in the US and its european branch eListas Networks.

AR Networks is a company founded in April 1999 in Sunnyvale, California - in the heart of the Silicon Valley - by two expert Internet pioneers who previously worked at Harvard University, Netscape Communications and eBay Inc. eListas Networks is AR Networks sister company, founded in April 2000, in charge of our European operations.

AR Networks is one of the leading providers of collaborative services for distribution list management solutions, and has been offering to large and small businesses through the www.eListas.com website, the most complete package in the market to manage all their email list needs, user and subscription management, newsletter publishing and delivery and survey tools for over five years.

In January 2006, eListas was hosting more than 30,000 lists, groups and newsletters from hundreds of clients (from individuals to small, medium and large companies), and through these lists they deliver content to more than 45 million (confirmation based) subscribers all over the world, distributing an average of over 250 million messages each month.

ZoomGroups is an advanced extension of eListas, that, along with the email group capabilities (named "groups" in ZoomGroups) it offers advanced blog, social networking and trading tools, as well as innovative advertising and affiliate services using "tag clouds".

Some of AR Networks clients are: Yahoo!, Ferca Networks, Buffalo Records, Amnesty International, Flamenco World, EcoPortal, Hamilton Retail, SoftDownload, Gestiopolis, Internet User Association of Spain, GeoDental, Per Systems, VS Antivirus, Expo-Terraqua, Elefant Records, Infinity Systems, ClickDiario Network, Aquanet and many others.

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ZoomGroups is a service of AR Networks and eListas Networks
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